Blue Moon Hemp CBD: a Emphasis that is big on


Blue Moon Hemp ended up being one of several first CBD vape natural oils We have ever really tried. All of the services and products for vaping available on the market during the time had been unflavored ingredients. Taste ended up beingn’t constantly the main focus of CBD vaping. Whenever I attempted Red Devil by Blue Moon, that has been the 1st time we discovered really how good a properly crafted CBD e-liquid could taste.

Ever since then, they usually have added three exciting tastes to their lineup. Two of those are dessert and cereal tastes additionally the other is developed with natural terpene extracts. Blue Moon labels their e-liquids as broad range, and their lab test outcomes reveal the clear presence of CBD with trace quantities of CBDV. Their e-liquid is practically THC free, therefore vaping it won’t enable you to get high and it also has more basic style than complete range extracts. Blue Moon also provides CBD concentrates, gummies and a number of other hemp-based services and products.

Their e-liquids had been delivered to me by Direct Vapor for the true purpose of this review.

Price: $29-$129 Strengths: 100, 200, 300, 400, 1000 mg CBD

“Strengths are based on Direct Vapor’s stock. Whenever Direct Vapor receives Blue Moon’s latest batches, talents should really be changed to 125mg, 250mg, 500mg, 750mg, 1000mg”

Blue Moon Hemp e-liquid

Blue Moon Hemp e-liquid comes within their signature cobalt glass that is blue containers. They feature the Blue Moon logo design and packaging that is elegant seems attracting a fairly wide demographic. Each taste has a color that is different round the edges. They likewise have a way that is unique of their CBD strengths from 100 to 1000 mg which corresponds to moon phases: Quarter Moon (100 mg), Half Moon (200 mg), Three Quarter Moon (300 mg) and complete Moon (400 mg). Their latest and greatest power available is named Total Eclipse (1000 mg).

Blue Moon provides up-to-date lab that is independent for his or her items. Their raw isolate is completely screened for contaminants and pesticides and their e-juice is tested for to confirm cannabinoid content. The CBD content is apparently correctly labeled, at the very least in accordance with the tests posted to their web web site.

Now it is time for you to break available these containers and take to these brand new flavors from Blue Moon.

Pure is just a clean-tasting juice that it is possible to vape by itself, or use as an additive to your chosen e-liquid. We tried it with both fruity and dessert-style tastes and it also seemingly have a taste that is neutral. Once I place it under my tongue, it tastes a little sweet, mostly as a result of VG content. This will be normal with “unflavored” CBD additives, however it’s less noticeable once you mix it with another taste. There is not that much of an aftertaste either, irrespective of an earthiness that is slight which will be additionally common with many hemp-infused e-liquids. I recommend Pure to anyone whom wants a clear and CBD that is natural e-liquid any extra flavorings.

I happened to be expecting this e-liquid to own a far more prominent cannabis taste, nonetheless it ended up being really instead light and slight. Kush is infused with terpenes, providing it a lot more of a fresh and flavor that is slightly citrusy. We have this e-liquid packed up during my pod vape at this time, plus it’s exactly like a spectrum that is full oil cartridge, but with no THC. It is really a terpene-infused version of pure, their unflavored additive. It is also utilized to include CBD and a little bit of taste to virtually any e-liquid you decide on, it is delicious adequate to vape it straight.

Red Devil

Red Devil ended up being the first first flavored e-liquid from Blue Moon Hemp. I will be getting a berry that is nice with a little bit of a tangy kick to it. It tastes like a tropical fruit punch that is refreshing. They describe it as being a blend that is sinful of fruits and fruits with tips of guava, papaya, mango and pineapple. It is a bit sweeter than Pure and Kush which is going to be your chosen taste inside their line if you’re hunting for a tangy and fruity flavor that is e-liquid.

I have already been hearing about that flavor for a time, and I’m happy to finally check it out. It smells much like the famous Spanish dessert. I do believe it is favored by custard enthusiasts, but just what i prefer that it’s not your typical vanilla custard about it is. It offers a flan that is authentic with sweet notes of vanilla and caramel. This e-liquid has also the perfect number of sweetness to it. I like vaping it, but inaddition it tastes great whenever taken sublingually. Flan by Blue Moon Hemp is creamy and balanced, a must-try for fans of caramel and vanilla.


This flavor was tried by me before actually reading its description. We liked it on the basis of the odor, but i really couldn’t place my little finger on which it tasted like. Then it hit me personally. Imagine you have got a bowl of fresh fruit loops combined with cinnamon toast crunch and also you drink the milk. That’s precisely what this taste reminds me personally of. The simple hint of cinnamon adds a small spicy touch. I’m perhaps not just a big fan of cereal flavors, they’re frequently too sweet and citrusy purekana coupon 40 off. That’s not the full situation with BlackKat. The cinnamon and cereal tastes counterbalance the CBD isolate, which makes it quite enjoyable. It’s a well-formulated cinnamon fruity cereal blend that is not fundamentally an all-day vape for me, but something i might positively vape when in a “blue moon”.


We have always understood Blue Moon Hemp to own great-tasting CBD e-liquids. These were one of the primary that I knew of to provide flavored CBD e-liquids that catered to taste chasers. Ever since then, I have tried a great many other CBD brands, but Blue Moon Hemp has stood the test of the time. From the five, i must say i enjoyed Flan, Red Devil and Kush the essential.

Their e-liquids also taste excellent underneath the tongue, that will be an indication that is good of. I was in a position to attain the specified results of CBD by vaping my normal dosage of cannabidiol. If you would like some tasty CBD e-liquid in flavors which range from fruity to creamy, provide them with an attempt. Keep a comment below to fairly share your thinking on Blue Moon Hemp.

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